Prescription requests are processed over two working days (not including the day your request is submitted. 

Medication requests are not taken over the phone to allow for an audit trail and prevent any mistakes. A written request is required directly from the patient. You are responsible for ensuring that your repeat prescription request is ordered in plenty of time.

Repeat Prescription

Repeat prescriptions are medications that appear on the reverse of your prescription and that your doctor would like you to continue regularly. 

Repeat prescriptions may be ordered in several ways:

Emergency Prescription

Emergency prescription requests are requests for medication which you have run out of and need to prevent you from becoming severely unwell. Emergency medications include; antiepileptic medication, insulin, inhalers and adrenaline pens for anaphylaxis. Please telephone the reception team (020 3538 6044) as soon as possible to discuss your request. 

If you have forgotten to order a repeat prescription and you feel you need your medication urgently, contact your pharmacist, who can request this for you electronically and, in some situations, will be able to give you an emergency supply until the prescription has been raised, or drop in a written request marked as ‘urgent’ on the prescription box at reception (prescription designated area).

We ask that patients complete any urgent prescription requests by 17:00 on Monday-Thursday and by 16:00 on Friday. Collection of urgent prescriptions must be after 18:30 Monday-Thursday and from 17:30 on Friday.

Requesting Repeat Medication Early

If you have run out of medication earlier than the date it is next due to be requested; please contact the surgery to discuss this with the reception team. You'll need to book an appointment with our Clinical Pharmacist to talk about your medication and dosage. 

You may need to request your medication earlier than its due date if you are going away to ensure you have enough medication to last you until you return. Please order your medication in the usual way – online, in person or by email – providing the reason for the early request. The reception team will review the request and contact you if further information or an appointment with a Clinical Pharmacist or a doctor is required. 

Please remember to allow 48 hours for all medication requests. If you have any questions, please get in touch with the reception team, who will gladly help you.

Nominate a Pharmacy

You can choose to nominate a chemist. This means that once we have processed your prescription request, it will be sent electronically to your chosen chemist directly. If you would like to nominate a chemist, do let reception know. Alternatively, you can also do this through the Patient Access App. 

If there is no nominated chemist in your records, the prescription will be printed and collected at the Practice. Please keep in mind if your prescription request is NOT for a repeat prescription, it may not be possible to agree to your request; it will take longer to process, and the doctor may wish to speak with you. Delays may also occur if your medication requests are different from what your doctor has prescribed for you. 

Over-the-counter medications will not be issued. Please see NHS guidance about this here.

New Patients Medications

If you normally take regular repeat medication, please let us know by. 

The prescribing pharmacist will check your medication list and put it on the repeats list, but we recommend you make an appointment with the doctor or pharmacist to have a medication review within the first month of registering for the surgery. 

It can take a couple of weeks for your previous records from your last GP surgery to be delivered to us. If you need medication before that, you can bring your repeat slip and request your medication. Your doctor might need to contact you about your medication request. Please allow up to 2 working days for a prescription request. 

Request your medication here.

Repeat Dispensing

If you or someone you care for uses the same medicines regularly, you may be able to benefit from electronic repeat dispensing. This means you won’t have to re-order or collect repeat prescriptions from your GP practice whenever you need more medicine. 

You collect your regular medication from your usual pharmacy each month without ordering it. 

You need a nominated pharmacy to enable electronic dispensing, and we will set this with you. Your regular medication will then be available at that pharmacy. 

They will inform you when your pharmacy supplies your last electronic repeat prescription. You will then have to contact your GP practice to ask for another set of electronic repeat prescriptions. You may need to be seen for a review before another batch of electronic repeat dispensing prescriptions is authorised.

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