Core Care Clinic

Your health and well-being are our top priorities at The Lawson Practice. That's why we have a strong system that delivers the best care for all our patients.

Our Core Care Model (CCC) is a unique way of organising our team. A senior General Practitioner (GP) supervises all the roles in our Advanced Roles and Responsibilities System (ARRS). These roles include Physician Associates, our Advanced Nurse Practitioner (Helen Keohane, who you may know as our former practice nurse) and our GP trainees.

This system ensures that everyone on our team follows the highest standards of patient care, no matter what their role is.

With a senior GP leading the way, we can provide consistent support and coaching to our team members. This means that you can expect the same level of excellent care from anyone you see at our practice. It also means that we can spot and treat complex cases early before they get worse.

We are committed to this patient-centred approach because we care about more than just curing diseases. We care about improving your overall safety by having a senior GP's expertise available to you at all times.

Dr Shabana Rauf