Women's Health & Coil Advice

Our nurse practitioner and some female GPs both run women’s health clinics for contraception, including implants and coils, smears, emergency contraception, contraception advice and sexual health screening please ask reception for details.

Cervical Screening

It is very important for all women over 25 years of age to have cervical smears. This is a test to detect changes in the cervix, which may, in years to come, lead to cancer. These changes can easily be treated and so prevent cancer from developing. Appointments for smear tests can be booked online or by phoning reception. Please talk to the doctor or nurse if you have any queries or worries about the test.

If you wish to permanently withdraw from the NHS Cervical Screening Program, please fill in this form and return it to your GP.

Coil Advice

If you are booking an appointment for either a coil insertion or removal please follow the recommendations on this leaflet.